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    1. Battlerarity

      Eep! :mlp-rshock:

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    2. Mariposa

      Glamourous horsey.~ How have you been lately?

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    3. Battlerarity

      Alright I suppose, enjoying my summer break by keeping busy.

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  1. Ace Wings

    And it seems that this entire site is practically abandoned now that chat is gone.

  2. Ace Wings

    Well...this is it...NONE of my ads have had any hits and such...I'm on the brink of simply abandoning ship at this point...

  3. Mariposa » KittyLava

    Eeee~ :cococute:

    I don't think we've ever spoken before. How are you, cutie?

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    2. Mariposa

      Well, maybe "ever" is a bit of an exaggeration but it sure feels that way. :mlp-ptbhug: Regardless, im glad youre doing all right! 

      *Pokes nose.*

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    3. KittyLava

      Nyaaa~ Do end up going with kitty costumes often, they're adorable on.

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    4. Mariposa

      They most certainly aaaaarre. Why, I wouldn't mind parading around in one myself. Though, I would like to see you without one.~

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  4. Nox Stella

    Watch out for the purple pony and the G-Shep~


    base nox.png



  5. Mariposa » Duskthebatpack

    I'm gonna give you a hug!


    1. Duskthebatpack

      More hugs for the bat king! And you shall get more hugs forever <3

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  6. Kiryu2012

    Might leave this site, due to a lack of activity here.

  7. DarkISO

    to anyone who cares, ill probably not be sticking around anymore. Doesnt seem like I belong here either.

  8. Mariposa

    Would you let this face near your dick?


  9. DarkISO

    think  ive made a mistake coming here, hardly any different from RLPV. I should just stay to myself from now on.

  10. thesmallesthorse » Darksider

    Hey there, welcome to Mysmall.horse :3

    1. Darksider

      Thank you!

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  11. Euphimia

    Just finished my new partial suit.

  12. Olive Drab » Madam Diamond Ring

    Welcome, Madame, thank you for joining!

  13. thesmallesthorse » Madam Diamond Ring

    Hello, and welcome to MSH :3

  14. ArcNote » Redscale

    You seem familiar

    1. Redscale

      Ive always been a dragon, but moved here from ponyville.co a long time ago... 

      perhaps from there?

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    2. ArcNote

      Yes. Very familiar indeed.  One I've not seen in... a while.  What a shame. 

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  15. thesmallesthorse » Crimson Rain

    Hey there, welcome to MSH!

    1. Crimson Rain


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  16. Mariposa

    And another one!


  17. Mariposa

    Have a lil' WIP.~


  18. Mariposa » thesmallesthorse


    Bestest bat bro!~

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    2. Mariposa

      Oooo, I hope you saved me some.~

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    3. thesmallesthorse

      No more mango pancake, but I have butter pecan pancakes if that is acceptable?

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    4. Mariposa

      Eeee! I do love me some butter pecan, so yes, it's acceptable.:mlp-fphug:

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  19. thesmallesthorse » Vatonem

    Heya! I was talking about you in chat and Mariposa told me I should come tell you that you're an absolute cutie :3

    I wish I could be part of the same hive as your bug.

    1. Vatonem

      Well, now I'm curious what was being said!

      But both you and Mari are right about the cute part. <3

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