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Ambient Glitter

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  1. Ambient Glitter added a topic in Canterlot Square   

    Artist wanted: (UPDATE!)
    Article removed, since I was unable to find an artist in time...
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  2. Ambient Glitter added a topic in Introductions   

    Good Evening!
    Hey there MSH!
    I am Ambient Glitter, a fun loving skirted and socked filly. I  am a big fan of hypnosis, snuggling, being an adult foal, and making music! I work on ambient music (hence my name) and I have written a few books including my favorite topics, and even a few clop ones. I am actually kinda shy, but who knows, mabey I will make friends here.
    I have 2 best friends, Jumbo Hooves, (for about 3 years) and my favorite stuffed animal (of Vinyl Scratch) I am still debating best pony being Vinyl Scratch or Octavia Melody, as I am practicing violin, and kinda live up to Octy a little bit more (Although Vinyl seems to be cuter)  
    I will not use this to advertise, but if you want to read any of my stories, just shout it to me or send me a PM and I will gladly link you a copy in online or Word format. Expect lots of free hugs! I will post up a photo and updates soon!
    Fantasies: Being Hypnotized, being coddled to sleep, scruffing, and being treated like a foal.
    Fears: Nuclear attacks, spiders, and pool lights 
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