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  1. LaDestitute added a post in a topic Newbie here   

    RPG Maker in the past, but I've dabbled in Java a bit before, mostly for modding stuff. I've screwed around with Unity modding just a tiny bit, a tiny bit in Game Maker but what I usually utilize now is Construct 2.
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    Newbie here
    Hello everyone! I've been in the community since the show began, even if I'm not as active in the fandom as I used to be. Still have yet to catch up on all of season six.
    My interests besides MLP include video games, computers and technology (I'm often subscribed to news feeds about science, developing technology, PC tech, etc), drawing and art (I have a tablet and occasionally draw in programs like SAI or Sketchbook Pro), and food, in which I'm a skilled cook with that. I occasionally dabble in game development, and while I usually don't stick to anything longterm (most of my projects never pan out...maybe blame my focus?), I usually just tinker with stuff instead. 
    Some of my favorite video game genres are platformers, RPGs, and as of the past few years, roguelikes. My favorite roguelikes are The Binding of Isaac, Spelunky, and Don't Starve. There are some difficult games I like that have less roguelike influences but are still nintendo hard, such as Hotline Miami and Project Zomboid.
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