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  1. Redscale added a post in a topic Hiya!   

    Welcome, like so many of the others of said, it's nice to see another writer come in, but this dragon is happy to see another GAMER making their way in as well. 
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  2. Redscale added a post in a topic Howdy!   

    Hello, welcome, how does?
    hope to chat in the rooms
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  5. Redscale added a post in a topic Mini's very sure introduction!   

    *offers claw as a hoofshake* greetings and welcome!
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  6. Redscale added a post in a topic Nova's Unsure Introduction   

    *waves casually and smiles* while MOST of us are lewd, some are not. You are welcome always. 
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  7. Redscale added a post in a topic A gentle wave and a big toothy grin   

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  8. Redscale added a topic in Introductions   

    A gentle wave and a big toothy grin
    Name: Redscale T'al Mountian
    sex: male
    species: Adult Red dragon
    height / weight: roughly 9 1/2 stories / 7 tones. 
    Notes: I enjoy eating fish more than meat (more fun to catch) and turtles. Not the animal, but the candy. Mmmmm. Best thing ever. 
    Mother died in a raid when I was younger that left me with my right wing being broken and never set quite right. While able to fly just fine, I am not able to land easily, hence the last name of Mountian. 
    T'al is my clan name and besides myself, my grandfather, grandmother, 2 sisters and father are the only remaining out our clan. We have changed our ways and spread out to speak on behalf of the NON-WARING breeds out there. 
    I'm also a very well educated alchemist. I have found many potions and charms that allow much. My crowing achievement has always been the potion that allows me to shrink my impressive height down to a simple Pegasus... Unfortunately, I have NEVER mastered being able to put on a cutie mark, so I remain a blank flank while in that state, and my eyes still remain without a pupil that's easily spotted. The entire eyes remains a color of molten lava. 
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