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  1. techno logic added a post in a topic Hello   

    Welcome to the show~
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  2. techno logic added a post in a topic Hello   

    I also came from derpibooru, a few weeks ago; welcome. The most these bats will do is try to cuddle the mess out of you. And maybe get tangled up in your mane or tail, but that is not on purpose (usually :P ). Everyhorse is pretty nice here.
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  3. techno logic added a post in a topic Hi   

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  4. techno logic added a post in a topic Newbie here   

    I also wish to welcome the new horse! Hello new horse.
    What do you use to do your game dev?
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  5. techno logic added a post in a topic MLP Movie Oct 7, 2017   

    Fandango should sell tickets now, only to have them sell out in thirty-seven minutes in NY and LA.
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  6. techno logic added a post in a topic The New Guy in Town   

    hello new horse. Hope you like it here.
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  7. techno logic added a topic in Canterlot Square   

    Like it or hate it, JavaScript seems like it will be around at least until our kids grow up and learn programming languages, so let's talk about that.
    Do you like the direction JavaScript is headed with the new specifications?Do you need help with any aspect of JS?Do you just want to vent about how much the JS of any particular page sucks?Other dramatic question involving JavaScript?Find out next time on JavaScript Z!
    Wait, that's not right. Anyway, I thought it'd be cool to have a general discussion thread about a true WORA language, since Java ain't quite it. What used to be thought of as a toy language has evolved into something whole web sites are built in, thanks to tools like React.js. ES2015 only strengthens the language in some ways, while others can be seen as detriments. JavaScript, for all its weirdness, was relatively simple to understand (not to grok, mind you) and some could argue that adding things like constants and classes only makes it more difficult.
    For what it's worth, I like the new stuff. To me, it DRYs the code up while taking concepts that people had done for years and formalizes them into proper JS concepts.
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  8. techno logic added a post in a topic Curse of the Black Mist: Race for the Throne   

    I'm downloading the stuff via Dropbox right now.
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  9. techno logic added a post in a topic A little bit late, actually alot late!😂   

    Hey, your name is Connor? And you're a kitty?
    > Tmw you've spent too much time watching the nieces
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  10. techno logic added a post in a topic Two weeks late, but hello   

    Thanks for the welcome, Rarara! I just turned thirty; March 25 was the three-decade mark for me. I've been enjoying talking to you and everypony else in the chat, and for some reason I didn't think/connect the dots that the forum would have an intro section initially.
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  11. techno logic added a topic in Introductions   

    Two weeks late, but hello
    I've been chatting for about a week now, so I kind of feel like I should come over and introduce myself.
    My name is Hov! H to the O-V
    No, not really, but that would be pretty cool, right?
    No, my pony name is Techno Logic, and my identity outside of ponies is jayands, for my initials, Jonathan Nicholas S. I like writing programs in various programming languages, anime, MLP, P0RTAL (I actually ended up joining the herd through Cupcakes The Musical garnering enough interest for me to want to know my meme) and still, at 30, desire to program a full game as well as teach others how to code.
    I also speak (or spoke; I haven't had the opportunity to use much besides English recently) Spanish and Japanese, at varying degrees of fluency, but would be willing to help with homework in either, once I get a schedule that I'm on down.
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  12. techno logic added a post in a topic What Class are you!? (Random Roll for funsies)   

    Arcane Archer...If I transform my Legend character, Tinker Trap, from a unicorn to a lunar pegasus ("bat pony"), he might work as that.
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