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  1. Rayzolk added a post in a topic When/how did you join the fandom?   

    It was around the middle of January 2014, my sister was into it but I criticized her for watching it cuz she was too old. One day, I ran out of Xbox live gold and was really bored, so I actually sat down with her and gave it a chance, I found it all right and interesting, so I secretly watched all the episodes on Netflix in my room for the next month.
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  2. Rayzolk added a post in a topic Share your face!   

    Umm I'm not ready
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  3. Rayzolk added a post in a topic Ayy!   

    Thanks for welcoming me guys! Dusk and Battlerarity have the right idea ^^
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  4. Rayzolk added a topic in Introductions   

    Just here for the lewd pones!
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