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  1. KittyLava added a post in a topic Princess Wars! Vote for a Princess!   

    Kitty's marching underneath Luna's banner, so many snuggly bats~
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  2. KittyLava added a post in a topic What Class are you!? (Random Roll for funsies)   

    Psion apparently; got a 59 upon rolling. Not sure what to expect from the kitty costumed pegasus, feels a bit silly with her.
    Not exactly sure how she came to be one, yet knowing her it might be spending some time to learn her limits, alongside playing some pranks upon ponies.
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  3. KittyLava added a post in a topic Bat Census   

    I've got two bats here~
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  4. KittyLava added a post in a topic Hello there!   

    Nyaaa~ Hiya there, hope you enjoy being on the site.
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