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  1. HastTer added a post in a topic When/how did you join the fandom?   

    Well I sterted watching MLP like 2 years ago from now I think. It was like 1 AM and I had nothing to do so I decided to try at least one episode and then I ended up watching almost whole season 1 :D And I really liked the art from MLP so I was browsing deviantart almost everyday, some people I was watching were drawing really sexy ponies but for some reason I wanted to see even more sexy so few weeks later I discovered derpibooru :D And that's my story I guess 
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  2. HastTer added a post in a topic Belarus clopper No. 1?   

    Great I'm from Czech Republic we are 4th :D
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  3. HastTer added a post in a topic Steam Profiles   

    There is my steam if anyone wants to add me :D http://steamcommunity.com/id/Hastter
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  4. HastTer added a post in a topic Hewwo :3   

    Hi I hope that you are gonna like it there 
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  5. HastTer added a topic in Introductions   

    Hello there
    Hey everyone
    I've seen ad on derpibooru so I tought that I might try it :D
    I've never been part of any forum before :D
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