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  1. Mitchy

    Why can't I feel good for once?

  2. Mitchy » Olive Drab

    *gives snuggles*


    1. Olive Drab

      Eeeeeeee! *receives snuggles*

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  3. Lunar Wing » Mitchy

    Random snoot boop!

    1. Mitchy


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    2. Lunar Wing


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  4. Mitchy » Mariposa

    If Prince Artemis drove karts, he'd be Prince Kartemis

  5. Mitchy » PonyHospital

    Hello nurse horse

  6. Mitchy » Mango Tango

    Would pango pango in Mango Tango

    1. Mango Tango

      What exactly is pangoing?

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    2. Mitchy

      You know, humpy humpy

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    3. Mango Tango

      Oh, in that case sure

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  7. Mitchy » Inkblotpony

    Inky winks~

  8. Mitchy

    For some reason I can't not feel depressed

  9. Mitchy

    I'm bored

  10. Mitchy

    Hold your horses!

  11. Mitchy

    Fuck, depression has kicked in, and it's almost Christmas too

  12. Mitchy

    I'm a princess, are you a princess too?

  13. Underskor » Mitchy

    Hey Mitchy! I thought I would stop by and talk up your status feed! Its great to drop by and say hello!

    1. Mitchy


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  14. Mitchy

    I'm getting tooth fillings later, I'm scared. I could get a heart infection from this

  15. Mitchy

    Well, I guess I'm back to major depression

  16. Mitchy

    Is the chat down for everyone else?

  17. Underskor » Mitchy

    Happy birthday Mitchy!! 

    1. Mitchy


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  18. Mitchy

    Would you glasses mac?

    glasses mac.png

  19. Mitchy

    How do we make horse into small horse?

    1. Nox Stella

      You gotta make small into the horse.

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  20. Mitchy

    I donated about 5 dollars! Now to wait for the payment to get finalized so I can enjoy those perks

    1. thesmallesthorse

      Saw it. Paypal tells me it's complete. Go ahead and PM me when you're ready :3 I can tell which one is you.

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  21. Mitchy

    So I had an argument with an internet friend, and now he isn't my friend anymore, and now I feel like shit.

    1. Nox Stella

      I'm sorry to hear! I'm sure you two can be friends again, just try to talk to him, apologize if you feel you need to and if not try at least speak to him. If that doesn't work, perhaps you's are just not meant to be friends, but I'd keep trying unless they were a real dick to you. :trscrunchy:

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  22. Mitchy

    Hold your horses!

  23. Mitchy

    I guess I can do this from any page

    1. Nox Stella


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