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  1. Mitchy added a topic in World News   

    Trump is president elect
    I'm a couple days late to this, but Trump is President Elect now.
    Will he make America great again? Maybe so.
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  2. Mitchy added a post in a topic Hi   

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  3. Mitchy added a post in a topic New Gay Horse   

    Yay, another horse to share horse dick pics with
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  4. Mitchy added a post in a topic Dream Thread!   

    Last dream I had, I learn that I have some weird ass blood disease that makes me chilly as hell for some reason, might be fatal though. Suddenly my family hates me and blames me for getting it. If I can remember anything about it, it was a dream where I lived in a pretty crappy apartment with urinals in the room for some reason, including one covered in plastic (The same kind of plastic tarp you'd put over furniture) with an electric toothbrush in the bowl... on the tarp... So I take out the tooth brush and take off the tarp, take a piss in the urinal, and then I woke up
    And no, I didn't wet the bed
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  5. Mitchy added a post in a topic Hallo erryhorse   

    Welcome to the world of small lewd horsies, I'm sure you'll feel right at home here.
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  6. Mitchy added a post in a topic What Class are you!? (Random Roll for funsies)   

    Apparently I get Paladin
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  7. Mitchy added a post in a topic A rather concise intro.   

    Welcome to the land of small horses, enjoy your stay
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  8. Mitchy added a post in a topic The Perfect Pinkie Pizza Pie   

    Of course something like this
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  9. Mitchy added a post in a topic Duskbat's Anime Recommendation and Dicussion Thread   

    I really should, since I've played about 2 of the arcade games (the 4th one and the 7th one)
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  10. Mitchy added a post in a topic Duskbat's Anime Recommendation and Dicussion Thread   

    I would definitely recommend Super Dimension Fortress Macross (Not Robotech), Macross plus (especially if you like Cowboy bebop) and Macross 7. Of course, because Harmony gold is evil and stops any attempt at Macross landing in the west un-bastardized (Macross plus was lucky and SDF Macross got lucky eventually, but Macross 7 is forever never going to be officially distributed outside Japan), you're going to have to torrent them from some place like Bakabt or something. Still definitely reccomended, especially if you like Bebop.
    And of course mandatory Akira, Evangelion and Azumanga Daioh mention.
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  11. Mitchy added a post in a topic Music Legend David Bowie Dies at 69   

    Feels so sudden, I was just thinking of Bowie not too recently, and now he's passed. He had pretty damn good music (Modern Love is probably one of my favorites) and was a pretty unique personality
    Also Worlds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRP_94m4Kl0
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  12. Mitchy added a post in a topic Proposing Rule: No Racism, Sexism or other Discrimination within Chat   

    Really depends on what you mean by that. If you mean something like "Racism/sexism towards other people in the chat", then I'd agree. If it's something like just saying racial slurs and such for the hell of it but not towards anyone in particular, I'd probably disagree.
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  13. Mitchy added a topic in MS.H Chatroom Forum   

    I guess I could use another chat to moderate, so nominating myself
    I don't know, everyone's doing it. I figure I've been a hop of many irc channels (And still am one on a couple, actually an op on many of them), and even have my own moderately used Discord server, and I use the MSH chat as often as I can (When I'm not sleeping because I'm usually tired as hell or just feel too depressed to come online), Also I've been here a pretty long time... this forum and in the fanbase in general.
    Yeah... this is probably the worst (or at least the least professional) nomination thread
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  14. Mitchy added a post in a topic Jared from Subway convicted! <Caution Rant>   

    Hopefully a lot of the corrupt media people and politicians in possession will be next, they tend to hide shit like this... don't they?
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