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  1. Twiley added a topic in Canterlot Square   

    Backup/Support Discord!
    Hello, small horses and other such creatures of this site!
    Due to a recent increase in people unable to access accounts and other such issues, we've opened up our Discord for support purposes indefinitely. The Discord will otherwise remain as nothing more than a backup for when the site goes down. https://discord.gg/e6zGV5J
    *Please note that if you have been banned from the site, we will also ban you from the Discord without warning once your presence is noticed. The Discord chat is still part of our community.
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  2. Twiley added a post in a topic Hello   

    Foalcon is fine by any means! Welcome to the site little filly.~
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  3. Twiley added a post in a topic I guess I should do the introduction thing!   

    Welcome to the land of bats! I think I have a spare giant pillow or two for you to rest upon.
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  4. Twiley added a post in a topic Desktop Thread 2.0   

    I haven't souped up my desktop yet. Also fuck icons, the one thing I liked about Linux was the clean desktops. Also yes, my system time is 12 hours off.
    I have a lot of cycling desktop wallpapers.
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  5. Twiley added a post in a topic Just the New one   

    Welcome to the site, Mini! I hope you decide to stick around, maybe pop into the chat once or twice too,
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  6. Twiley added a post in a topic Donut Thread, WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE!?   

    Jelly filled ones and Boston Creams!~
    Glazed are good from certain companies, from some it's just bleh.
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  7. Twiley added a post in a topic The New Guy in Town   

    Hello, new butt, and welcome to MSH! I hope you enjoy your stay.~
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  8. Twiley added a post in a topic Vivaldi: A new, interesting web browser   

    Update based on my experiences.
    Vivaldi is a solid, new choice for a browser. But, I won't switch over to it just yet. Why? Well...there is a bug, as well as a simple missing feature. Not a big thing for most users, but for me it's an issue. First, the bug: Setting it to reopen the tabs you had open works...to a point. Only the main window, the original opened window, actually preserves tabs. The other just disappears, tabs and all. A major pain for me, where I distribute tabs across my monitors pretty evenly, and if I restart my comp want to continue with the same tabs as before.
    Second reason, I can't drag tabs from one window to the other, or drag out a tab to open a NEW window. Easily fixed with right clicking, but...convenience.
    If both of these are fixed(And they will be, trust me. These are basic things!) I'll switch to using it as my primary, most likely.
    EDIT: Oh, and this browser will likely use just as much memory as Chrome. Looking for a way to turn off seperate processes for each tab/extension I came across nothing, and that's an issue for memory constrained users who'd otherwise be delegated to Firefox.
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  9. Twiley added a topic in World News   

    Vivaldi: A new, interesting web browser
    First off, this browser wasn't made by just anybody. The co-founder and former CEO of Opera Software(Creator of little used web browser Opera), Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner, split and formed his own, new company: Vivaldi Technologies. While this new browser is likely to have some kinks that need ironing, due to it's official version having just been released, I'm willing to give it a good try.

    This new browser has a certain segment in mind: Power users. The goal behind it is to have an alternative which tosses away simplicity for usability. While those two things can go hand in hand quite well - Chrome is a good example of a browser which is quite simple at heart - There's always going to be some functionality lost or never even thought of in the first place. Vivaldi seems to step in and offer ways to add to the previous, expected web browser experience. This comes in the form of panels within windows, easily stacked tabs, ability to add shortcuts and gestures for just about anything it can do, and other such things. Nothing too special if you just want to hop onto your favorite forum or binge Netflix, but if you like multitasking and customization, this is worth a shot.
    Panels are the one feature that caught my eye, mainly because the panel itself can be a web page. Whether Twitter, Facebook, a forum, Youtube, or our very own chat, you can pop in a panel and run the webpage alongside the tab focus. And, being based on Chromium(The exact same backend used for Google Chrome, for those who didn't already know), you already have access to every extension you can grab on Chrome.
    Will this new browser succeed with the already established Firefox and Chrome holding such a large share of users? Probably not. But, we can still see what Stephenson's team has to offer while it's still a relevant thing. Oh, and I'm probably not doing the best job of explaining why this appeals to me, but you can always check out the official site for the browser.
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  10. Twiley added a post in a topic Hallo   

    Welcome to the site, sunbutt. Venturing into the land of bats can be a dangerous journey, as well as a...fulfilling one.
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  11. Twiley added a post in a topic What Class are you!? (Random Roll for funsies)   

    40. I'm a ninja!
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  12. Twiley added a post in a topic An intro, huh. Well, alright.   

    Welcome, Pink One! Enjoy your stay here!
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  13. Twiley added a post in a topic Hallo erryhorse   

    Welcome Mango and enjoy your time! We have some very kinky horses here who may or may not ruin Kuro/Mango's day.
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  14. Twiley added a post in a topic Share your face!   

    Kickstart this thread again with an update to how my face looks!

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  15. Twiley added a post in a topic MBTI Types   

    Debater. I'm Applebloom.

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  16. Twiley added a post in a topic Proposing Rule: No Racism, Sexism or other Discrimination within Chat   

    Please close this topic. A new thread may be made in the future.
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  17. Twiley added a post in a topic The Pony Triforce of Identity   

    Waifu wise, Fluttershy. She's cute, endearing and I can't help but want to love her!
    Self wise, Pinkie Pie. Although I'm not as outgoing as her, the friends I do have I love dearly and try to help. Losing friends hurts.
    Spirit wise? I'm not sure.
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  18. Twiley added a post in a topic Proposing Rule: No large RPs in main chat.   

    Thank you to BattleRarity for phrasing and suggestions.
    "Roleplay at a length and frequency that a moderator (or moderators) believes it disrupts the potential for general conversation in the chat room is disallowed. The participants of such a roleplay will first be suggested to take it in private chat or the RP forum for the benefit of others. If it continues despite this, they will receive a warning, and if need be, participants will be kicked."
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  19. Twiley added a post in a topic Hello there!   

    Bondagey is good~
    Love your art, welcome to MSH and enjoy your time!
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  20. Twiley added a post in a topic An Apology   

    Apology accepted, I know at least a small part of what you've been going through and can't help but still think of you as a good person.
    Mistakes happen, and can easily be forgiven.
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  21. Twiley added a post in a topic Share your face!   

    Perhaps it's time I updated this with a nicer pic of myself.

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  22. Twiley added a post in a topic Proposing Rule: No Racism, Sexism or other Discrimination within Chat   

    This is what I mean about "Within Reasonable acceptance", if it's not meant to be, in any way, offensive, it should be fine. But I don't believe that such fetishes even fall into discrimination, and we wouldn't be randomly speaking of them during the public chatting anyways.
    Perhaps I should remake the topic with concise stipulations.
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  23. Twiley added a post in a topic Proposing Rule: No large RPs in main chat.   

    Perhaps the discussion of actual moderation and our own opinions towards them should be moved completely to the thread that Dash has made regarding such.
    Get back to the proper topic on hand, or I'll have the cleanup crew stop by.
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  24. Twiley added a post in a topic Regarding moderation.   

    I agree, as a moderator I will not step into a discussion between two people unless I feel it has gotten out of hand. Mods are there to keep the peace, not to make everybody's day perfect by holding their hands. If noone's willing to say something, it'll take me longer to resolve an issue than if someone tells me they have issue with it. Even if it's just a member popping me over a message in Pchat saying they have issue with something going on in chat, I can't do anything about the problems unless I have reason to believe there is one.
    A proper chat is, first and foremost, governed by those inside. Moderators exist for when those members cannot resolve an issue themselves. I'll not treat you any different unless you're starting to cause problems, and at that point I will ask you nicely to stop. If you don't listen, I'll take action. If you do? It's back to normal, you're just another friendly face in the chat room.
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  25. Twiley added a topic in MS.H Chatroom Forum   

    Proposing Rule: No Racism, Sexism or other Discrimination within Chat
    A hot topic for many, discrimination can be found all over the internet. All of us are guilty of having discriminated at some point, and most if not all people still do. Whether it be the color of your skin, where you live, your gender, or your opinions, you need to be mature in such a public, fast-paced nature as our chatroom. I'm somewhat surprised this isn't already a rule. One member was banned for it in the past, so why isn't it in the rules? I propose that, within reasonable acceptable boundaries, such as accidentally offending someone, it should be outlawed. If you are continuously making jokes at the expense of a group of people, you need to be punished. If you are targeting a chat member by being offensive towards a group they associate with, you need to be punished. We're all adults here, so we need to act like adults. Not like bickering children, not like we're making some bad Youtube comment, like adults.
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