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  1. Mariposa » Twiley



    1. Twiley


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  2. Twiley

    Getting drunk? How fun! I had such a great time last night...I think. Can't remember all that well. The aftermath? I suppose I'll live...

  3. Twiley

    I will be on a trip starting at 11PM EST, going to Florida. Hopefully I'll be back on the 27th and won't miss anything too important.
    Oh, and good luck to all the could-be chat moderators out there! Who knows what could happen?

    1. MLP_Trixie69

      w-what? FLORIDA? O:

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  4. Twiley » Prismatic Quick Equine

    Welcome to MSH, quick horse! Enjoy your stay and perhaps pop by the forums and introduce yourself!


    1. Prismatic Quick Equine

      I took your advice! Thanks! :D

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  5. Twiley

    Bad times ahead for me. I will be incapable of accessing the internet for an unknown amount of time.

    Wish me luck...I'm going to need it, I think.


  6. Twiley

    This horse will return on Friday.

    1. Underskor

      You cannot just leave us here idly by to just wait for you! 

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  7. Underskor » Twiley

    Hiya Riku! I thought I would stop by to say hi to one of the amazing chatter bats on the site. 

  8. Twiley

    No more internet...bye for now!


    1. Battlerarity

      Come back soon horse :rcrazy:

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  9. Twiley

    Chances are, my internet connection goes away entirely within the next 3 or 4 days. I hope not...but if it does, I won't be around for awhile. How long, I don't know.

    1. Azarokkusu

      guess we'll have to do a few months worth of humping to make up for it ;p

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  10. Twiley » Picnic Basketcase

    Welcome to MSH, new pone! Enjoy your stay here!

  11. Twiley

    Tonight at 11PM Eastern time, our Cards Against Humanity game will start. For communication, we are using Teamspeak on Bear's very own server. All that's required past that is a web browser and the link which I'll have once we start. The IP for his server is, use your SITE NAME if you do join.

  12. Azarokkusu » Twiley

    Good bat~

  13. Twiley

    A friendly reminder that I will be hosting Cards Against Humanity on Saturday at 11PM EST. Details will be given out shortly before the event starts, including the URL and method of communication. Stay tuned!

  14. Swiftnicity » Twiley

    Welcum to My Sexy Hoars, fellow sexy hoars. Would you like to try some of our sexy beverages? Some options include;

    Mare Sauce

    Stallion's Load

    And maybe some of our very popular meals here in Sexy Hoars. Teat Desserts, Colt Sausages, and even some balls on the side. Enjoy your trip at My Sexy Hurs.

    1. Twiley

      One of each, please!

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  15. Twiley » Midnight Light

    Welcome to MSH, fellow pony. We've got plenty to do around here to keep you entertained, so stick around! The more the merrier!

    1. Midnight Light

      Thank you! Gosh, I didn't even had the chance yet to introduce myself. x3

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  16. Twiley » Airimei

    Welcome to Mysmallhorse! Nice to see so many new faces around. Be sure to check out the forums, and feel free to make an introduction so we can get to know you! Enjoy your stay here where the horses go.

  17. Twiley » PonyHospital

    Welcome to MSH, new horse! We've got chats, roleplays, discussions, and best of all, lewds! Enjoy your stay, and I hope you stick around for a good while.

  18. JadedFuckingEnvy » Twiley

    Fuckboii you got me sick

  19. Twiley

    Reminder that the first official Cards Against Humanity game is tonight! 11PM Eastern Standard Time, if you want to come play! No custom deck for this week, though, I never got around to setting it up.


  20. Twiley

    Having fun, naughty dreams last night, then my alarm wakes me up. I hate when this happens, I can never remember the whole dream after, just pieces.

  21. Twiley

    Hmmm...what can I do to occupy my mind for the next week....

    Also, why the hell is Krogers so vague with their applications?

  22. Twiley

    Not having a desktop to play games on sucks.

    1. ScheisseGeist

      Maybe you should get a console :^)

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