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  1. Rainbow Dash added a post in a topic Confessions Thread   

    Doesn't pretty much everyone pee in the shower?
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  2. Rainbow Dash added a post in a topic At Last   

    I've seen you around several times before.
    Allow me to officially welcome you to MSH! I hope you continue to have a wonderful time here!
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  3. Rainbow Dash added a post in a topic Use of Downvote/Upvote   

    I agree with pretty much everything that Rares said, except for removing the down-vote altogether.
    An up-vote should be left to show that you support what the poster suggested or did, or you think that the subject matter is cool or it peaks your interests. As said before, it shouldn't be used to simply say "I agree with your opinion" because then everything would be cluttered with up-votes and down-votes. 
    A down-vote should be left to show that you think what the poster is doing is either unproductive to the conversation or disruptive altogether. For instance, if I posted a picture of a cat in the middle of a serious political thread, then that would get down-voted to hell and back. However, you shouldn't downvote just to say "I disagree."
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  4. Rainbow Dash added a post in a topic Heyo   

    I didn't get a snugglerarity when I joined! 
    Welcome, semi-new bat! I hope you have a wonderful time here, and don't masturbate too much! 
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  5. Rainbow Dash added a post in a topic The Pony Triforce of Identity   

    Waifu is probably Fluttershy. She would literally be the perfect pone to make a wifey. Cute, sweet, caring, gentle... Yeah.
    Self-aspect is definitely Rainbow Dash. I see so much of myself in her: overconfident, stubborn, snarky, loyal, and her whole "shoot first, ask questions later" attitude. Its why I choose her to represent myself online.
    Spirit-wise, I think its probably a mix between Rarity and Twilight. I'd love to be as creative and artistice as Rares, or as smart and analytical as Twilight.
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  6. Rainbow Dash added a post in a topic The Perfect Pinkie Pizza Pie   

    I'm glad I'm not the only one.
    I think she would have some sort of desert pizza, like pizza with frosting or whipped cream replacing the normal sauce.
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  7. Rainbow Dash added a post in a topic An Apology   

    Apology accepted. I'm glad we can finally put all of this nasty stuff behind us. I was saddened to think that we might never be friends because of such a silly thing, and am happy to know that won't be the case!
    Or, as a certain rainbow pegasus would say... It's aight. 
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  8. Rainbow Dash added a post in a topic TV Show Recommendations!   

    Ew, what the hell? Who let this troll on our forums? 
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  9. Rainbow Dash added a post in a topic Duskbat's Anime Recommendation and Dicussion Thread   

    I'm not the biggest anime fan, but out of the few that I have watched, one I can recommend is Black Butler. It takes place in Victorian England and follows a young, rich lord named Ciel Phantomhive and his demon butler Sebastian. It's definitely compelling and interesting enough to want to make you keep clicking the next episode button, despite the fact that you have responsibilities in the morning.

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  10. Rainbow Dash added a post in a topic TV Show Recommendations!   

    Oh boy, where to start? 
    I'll recommend my top two. First is NCIS. It follows a navy crime investigation team led by Jethro Gibbs (Mark Hamon). Unlike your usual CSI or other cop drama, however, this one has actual character development, good humor, and interesting plot. Definitely recommend it.

    Number 2 is Archer. Archer is an animated comedy that follows the members of the International Secret Intelligence Service, or ISIS. It follows the lives of field agents Sterling Archer (H. Jon Benjamin) and Lana Kane (Aisha Tyler), Archer's mother and head of ISIS Mallory (Jessica Walter), and office workers Carol, Pam, Cyril, Ray, and Krieger. If you like shows like Family Guy or Bob's Burgers, then you'll probably like this one as well.

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  11. Rainbow Dash added a post in a topic Australia University Sex Toy Design Course!   

    Well, it seems as though I must move to Australia in order to follow my true calling.
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  12. Rainbow Dash added a post in a topic Proposing Rule: No Racism, Sexism or other Discrimination within Chat   

    I think you've just accidentally identified the issue with having rules like this. You make one rule, then you have to make a rule for the exception to that rule, etc...
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  13. Rainbow Dash added a post in a topic Regarding moderation.   

    This is basically what I've been trying to say, and I feel as though I've been botching it due to my need for sleep. Thank you, Rarara. 
    It's okay to disagree with me! I certainly don't expect everyone to agree with me on everything.
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  14. Rainbow Dash added a post in a topic Regarding moderation.   

    So you agree with me? I'm confused.
    What I'm saying is that mods should only have to intervene when the "hey lets bring this to PM" doesn't work, and a situation gets out of hand. I'm not sure what you're disagreeing with.
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  15. Rainbow Dash added a post in a topic Proposing Rule: No large RPs in main chat.   

    Perhaps I did misunderstand you, and that would be my fault.
    If you have rules in the first place, then you're already assuming that people are naturally immoral, and are creating rules and guidelines to keep them from behaving so. What I was trying to say was that if you are assuming people are naturally moral instead of immoral, then you would need less rules because you assume that people aren't going to need to be told how to act. Maybe I didn't explain it well, or maybe I'm getting a bit too philosophical for the purpose of the discussion.
    My fear is that eventually it WILL turn into a laundry list. If we have to make a rule for every single thing, we will end up with a dictionary describing exactly what we can and can't say or do, and nobody wants to participate in that kind of community. Better to prevent that from happening at all than letting it happen and dealing with it after the fact.
    You're contradicting yourself. You can't have strict rules and more freedom. The more strict your rules and regulations become, the less freedom people have.
    The chat isn't some kind of collective hive mind. It's a group of different people with differing opinions and beliefs.
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