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  1. Mariposa » Duskthebatpack

    I'm gonna give you a hug!


    1. Duskthebatpack

      More hugs for the bat king! And you shall get more hugs forever <3

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  2. Duskthebatpack

    Put up a New Avatar since it's way cuter and better for the Duskbat~ I love it <3

  3. Duskthebatpack

    Quite frankly pissy about My CYOA Thread, Hardly any participation, after the first choice i was worried this was going to happen. I hate to see something i work my ass off on to give people entertainment (After they requested it) and then hardly participate in it at all, this is why we can't have nice things :\



  4. Duskthebatpack » bluecoffeedog


    1. bluecoffeedog

      Oh nooooooo

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    2. Duskthebatpack

      Ohhh yes <3

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  5. Duskthebatpack

    If you guys want the Murder Mystery Thread to happen, Go here http://mysmall.horse/NSFWforums/ips_fd149/index.php?/forums/topic/591-murder-mystery-reboot-show-support-if-you-like/#comment-5462 and leave a comment saying you'll participate 

  6. Duskthebatpack » Earthshaker

    It's your birthday? Well happy birthday you horse :P

  7. Duskthebatpack » SmoothMelody



    1. SmoothMelody


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  8. Underskor » Duskthebatpack

    Hiya Duskbat! I thought I would drop by and say hello, I haven't appeared on your feed before...So I thought I would sneak in and say hello!

    1. Duskthebatpack

      You are in a dangerous realm filled to the brim with bats! Beware!

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  9. Duskthebatpack

    WHELP! Today's that one day that comes around every year, Birthday better enjoy it before i get swarmed by horse hugs and wishes :D

    1. Battlerarity

      Wow what a best horse this is. :mlp-rmoved:

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    2. Duskthebatpack

      NO U

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  10. Underskor » Duskthebatpack

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You totally are older now, therefore much wiser! May you enjoy the great quantities of cake!! 

  11. Azarokkusu » Duskthebatpack

    Give them the Knot!

    1. Duskthebatpack


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  12. Duskthebatpack

    Wow look at all these horses everywhere, Would be a shame if they suddenly disappeared and became one with the swarm of bats

  13. Duskthebatpack

    That feel when your inspired streak comes back~ Whelp time to work on Curse of the Black Mist :D

    1. Battlerarity

      Be an inspired bat :mlp-rmoved:

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  14. silviathepony » Duskthebatpack

    duskthebatpack? more like, dusk the....




    1. Duskthebatpack


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  15. Duskthebatpack

    MGS5 = Kidnapping Simulator 5

  16. Duskthebatpack

    Welcome to MSH, Make sure to check up on the RP Forums specially for "Nite Life!" :D

  17. Duskthebatpack


    RP is in Full Swing and going well so far, Remember to join sign the guest list on the ad and you can post :D

  18. Duskthebatpack

    I put up a commission thread in the Canterlot Square, We'll see if things will be alright this time...If you guys want to pay me for stuff here is the place to go i won't advertise this much on purpose, keeping it only to this site.

  19. Duskthebatpack

    Went on derpibooru and just added "duskthebatpack" tag so everyone knows what my commissions and characters were :P

  20. Duskthebatpack

    More and more bats are filling up the weekday~

  21. Duskthebatpack

    Whelp Courage is Magic: Reflections is in like 3 hours...WILL THE PARTY RESCUE THE SCIENTISTS? we'll find out today.

  22. Duskthebatpack

    In the Future i may do some one shots to see what new players i might get~ If you want to see what campaigns i have in the works, They are in the Canterlot Square area called "if you were to participate in one of my campaigns which would you choose?"

  23. Duskthebatpack

    The Murder Mystery RP is open for everyone to solve the mystery! Everyone join in! It's in the RP forum!

  24. Duskthebatpack

    Remember if you are part of the Civ 5 Event, I need to know what Leader you will be in the Forums and what times you are available so we can get together, Read my post in the Topic and i'll answer any questions

  25. Duskthebatpack

    Check out my "Ask my OC's"  in the Ask Me Anything topic, Ask my characters questions and they have to answer truthfully~