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My name is Dusk, I'm a Vector Artist that mostly does personal work and i'm avid about character design on a horse my Work is located here on my deviantart if you wish to check me out


I also commission Artwork for my characters and i run MLP based Tabletop Games on my free time if you want to check out my commissions and lewd NSFW stuff they are here on my furaffinity


And if you haven't noticed i love bat ponies to death and pretty colorful equines, Go ahead and talk to me or ask about my Characters if you are curious i have plenty that i've made that started out as NPC's for my games so feel free to ask! Also if you want to ask me something, Visit my Forum Post in the AMA with Duskthebatpack, I might start one for some of my characters if i feel like it!

For my List of OC's please click here