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  1. Duskthebatpack added a post in a topic S7 E6 Forever FIlly   

    Yea Rarity is constantly a busy horse cause she needs to upkeep her business and also run around to check up on her other stores, She's really hard working i see why she wants to spend time with Sweetie Belle and doesn't understand her anymore, But soon sweetie belle will grow!
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  2. Duskthebatpack added a post in a topic S7E1&2 - Celestial Advice & All Bottled Up   

    Like Battlerarity stated, it wasn't epic for a season premier...and that's fine! Cause it didn't need to be epic because these two episodes were "Dawww" to me and very chill for once, Specially with Celestial Advice, I really loved the characterization with Celestia she's a mother-figure and a bit of a mischievous princecss specially with that laugh and her worrying.
    Glimglam and Trixie are best gal pals but you can still piss someone off with comments like that, Trixie is every annoying friend i've ever met specially with the comments on her past mistakes (Like time travel.) but regardless i loved the episode and how things were solved by venting frustrations! :D
    Also Teacup!
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  3. Duskthebatpack added a post in a topic Good Evening!   

    Hai there Ambient Glitter! And welcome to MSH! Hope you enjoy it here along with the bat snuggles!
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  4. Duskthebatpack added a post in a topic Hello MSH   

    Welcome to the site! Full of bat cuddles and snuggles wherever you go! Hope you enjoy!
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  5. Duskthebatpack added a topic in Canterlot Square   

    Give your OC, a Jojo Stand! Share with us your Creations!
    Hi everywhere! If no one noticed i'm a lover of the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Series and recently i discovered something amazing! And that's someone made a Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Pen and Paper thingy https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ReSnZDUvIhpCG0X_8S5C-7P5vBRUb0P08gedAvs0oMc/edit# Which is located here, But basically for the purposes of this thread! It's all about the creation and fun!
    What is a Stand?
    A Stand is a Physical Manifestation of your Psychological Energy given form, Since it appears from behind or aside you, It's just called a "Stand" and it appears to those with a strong spirit, You can be born with one or one can be created.
    Stands can come in many different shapes and sizes along with different powers and abilities that they can use, Although they usually reflect a user's will somewhat They can only be seen by other stand users making them invisible to normal people. But we'll walk through how to create your stand!
    Stands are Usually named after Band's, Albums or Songs (Sometimes the musician themselves.) and their abilities usually come from said song. 
    For Example! The Stand "Killer Queen" is based off this song by Queen
    Which you can look at here
    Killer Queen's Ability is to turn any object it touches into a Bomb, Although he can only have one bomb active at a time and he must set off the the bomb before making another. (Killer Queen also has to other abilities but we won't talk about that currently.)
    For Creating a Stand Here are the attributes you must get used to!
    Power: Your Stand’s destructive capability. Many know this as how well a Stand can punch, but it also covers destruction caused by any projectiles or abilities, as well as the generation of destructive elements like fire, or explosions.Speed:  Your Stand’s movement speed, whether attacking, dodging, or whatever else. In a ‘straight fight’, Speed can often prove useful.Durability: Your Stand’s ability to withstand attacks, from Stands or otherwise. Keeping a high-Durability Stand close is an easy way to stay safe.Precision: Your Stand’s accuracy. It can be used for pinpoint attacks, projectiles, observation, and fine movements.Range: The distance your Stand can move from you, and the distance that it is capable of affecting with its abilities.Potential: Your capacity to learn new abilities, Techniques, and more. Putting points into it in the early game can be a good way to mix things up later on. Although you won't get any abilities and stuff now, You can use this to make more stuff later by reducing the Rank on these! Often shows how much your stand can learn and evolve. 
    Now that you got the attributes down lets start with Stand Creation! First pick your OC and decide what will be their stand! You get 60 Points to spend in total, You may spend 10 Points to get a ability or 5 Points to get a Techinque but i'll explain those later down, For now here are the basic Rank purchases!
    None: 0 points
    E: 1 point
    D: 3 points
    C: 5 points
    B: 10 points
    A: 15 points
    Every Stand will have at least one "Ability." Which you are free to make up on what they do! Let the creativity flow! Usually stands have simple abilities that can be used in a wide amount of situations or creativity! Each Ability costs 10 Experience
    In addition to abilities you can have a "Technique" Which gives a small bonus or special way to use your ability, These just help your abilities in situations or special attacks using said ability! Feel free to be creative but they have to reflect off the ability not be a whole new one.
    That's pretty much it for Creating a Stand! So i'll show you an example! Here is Dusk Bat's Stand!
    (Dusk Rhine)
    [Pinball Wizard] 
    Power: D (3 Points)
    Speed: B (10 Points)
    Durability: E (1 Points)
    Precision: B (10 Points)
    Range: B (10 Points)
    Potential: C (5 Points)
    (Abilities) (Note: Dusk's Stand is able to fire Pinball-like bullets as his defense.)
    Rubber Surface: Able to turn objects that either Dusk or his Stand touches into bouncy objects, So long as he is in range he can keep that object bouncy even his pinballs can turn objects into bouncy substances. In return he can feel bounces and sound waves. Pinballs basically serve as some sort of Sonar when they hit objects.
    (10 Points)
    Tilt: Targets effected by Rubber Surface can be "Tilted" In order to disrupt senses to disorient living targets by disrupting their sense of balance, Either by messing with their perspective or my physically moving a target to disrupt aiming or attacks. If he hits a stand user with his bullets he can use that as a sonar to locate them or mess with their perspective.
    (10 Points)
    None currently.
    Have fun and show off your Stands! Just have fun with it! :D
    Now some reference material to help you out!
    A list of all stands from Part 3 to Part 9
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  6. Duskthebatpack added a post in a topic Describe your OC using only Personality Traits!   

    Since it's been awhile and i felt like it, I'm gonna do Vibrant Vision!

    Vibrant Vision
    Age: 21
    Race: Bat Pony
    Positive = Adaptable, Charismatic, Confident, Diligent, Focused, Imaginative, Creative, Patient, Resourceful, Sociable, Subtle.
    Neutral = Ambitious, Deceptive, Cunning, Determined, Political, Skeptical, Stubborn.
    Negative = Abrasive, Calculating, Compulsive, Deceitful, Envious, Egocentric, Power Hungry, Manipulative, Jealous.
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  7. Duskthebatpack added a post in a topic Describe your OC using only Personality Traits!   

    You can go over 5 if you want! 5 is just the minimum :D
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  8. Duskthebatpack added a topic in Canterlot Square   

    Describe your OC using only Personality Traits!
    Hey everyone! This Thread is mostly for fun, But here are the rules!
    Now you can link a Picture of your OC (or Pictures) but you must describe the character using only Personality traits!
    http://ideonomy.mit.edu/essays/traits.html  (Here is a list of Personality traits)
    You must pick at Least 5 Traits (Or more)
    You may pick any Trait or add in anything that's appropriate to your character!
    After you pick your Traits you may explain why you picked them! Yes! You can make a post for every character you make (or post them all at once!)
    Feel free to have discussion and fun talks about this~ So for now i'll post a dusk bat!

    Name: Dusk Rhine
    Age: 18
    Race: Bat Pony
    Personality Traits (At Least 5): Naive, Impressionable, Brave, Shy, Nervous, Scholarly, Excitable, Optimistic, Adventurous, Perverse, Courageous, Caring, Intelligent, Gullible.
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  9. Duskthebatpack added a post in a topic e eee   

    Welcome to the bat land, FREE BATS FOR ALL!
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  10. Duskthebatpack added a post in a topic Uhm. Hi?   

    Welcome to the forums dante! Plenty of horses to hug around here!
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  11. Duskthebatpack added a post in a topic Headcanons on the nature of magic and Changelings   

    An interesting question but here is what i believe.
    All Living Creatures have "Magic" within their bodies, Pegasi has the ability to control the weather, Earth ponies tend to the land, Magic is controlled easily by unicorns who have a conduit, Etc.
    Each race has their own inner magic (Which is my excuse for my Tabletop games and why other races can use magic so long as they have a Conduit, Like Gems or crystals for example.) For Changelings they are like emotional vampires that feed off the Love within a pony, Which is combined with Magic, Feeding off a pony isn't noticed much specially if subtle, For example just simple interactions and spending time with a changeling you might feel more tired or exhausted after a long day...Or during sexual actions (If possible) they might feel extra exhausted, This isn't really noticed much...If a changeling feeds too much they might risk being revealed and noticed which is why subtly is important to changelings, 
    Thorax is a Special Case though so i won't get into that currently, But far as i'm concerned there are two types of changelings, The changelings we know and the Reformed Changelings, although i do prefer my changelings have to feed on love or find a alternative method.
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  12. Duskthebatpack added a post in a topic Hey, it's a horse!   

    Hope you enjoy the site and the snuggling horses! Just take a look around and hop in to chat! welcome to the site :D
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  13. Duskthebatpack added a post in a topic Trump is president elect   

    All the rage for EVILLLLLL
    Yep Democrats fucked themselves hard, And i enjoyed every moment of it...The moment they rigged it for Hillary i knew it would bite them in the ass because Sanders would've had a fair fight against Trump...Hillary is truly one of the WORST candidates cause she couldn't even beat a billionaire who just decided to run like a year ago and get into politics...Hillary's a Mess! A big fat mess :)
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  14. Duskthebatpack added a post in a topic Trying my luck here   

    Welcome to the Site! Hope you enjoy your stay here and see the horses that must be hugged! (By bats)
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  15. Duskthebatpack added a post in a topic Trump is president elect   

    Hillary Clinton isn't a socialist, just a corporate bitch, I don't like her at all and all the shady shit in Wikileaks that she did along with evidence of hiding her e-mails with Obama KNOWING about this and lied. Yea i don't like either of them.
    Trump is a giant middle finger to the establishment and the fucked up media just by being elected, I do hope he'll be a decent president but so far he intends to keep his promises but we'll see...I believe TRump will do WAY MORE in a year than Obama did in 8 years.
    I supported Bernie Sanders but i hate Clinton more, Hail god emperor Trump just for a little background, I'd considered myself a democrat until those fuckers rigged the DNC against him.
    Now i was actually expecting Hillary to win the election (Cause BS Rigging stuff and complete media bias) so i was expecting to be depressed and just accept that she won...BUT BOY WAS I SURPRISED WHEN TRUMP DOMINATED, HILLARY IS A SHIT CANDIDATE AND NO ONE IN THE DNC LISTENED, Queen Hillary falls from her lofty high horse.
    I hate Hillary with a passion you see...But i wouldn't be out there rioting for Trump if he lost, These SJW assholes are the real problem "You should vote for Hillary cause she has a vagina", "Don't vote for Trump cause he is racist, misogynist, and Homophobic AND IF YOU VOTE FOR HIM YOU ARE RACIST, MISOGYNIST AND HOMOPHOBIC!", "If you are Bernie or Bust! Go fuck yourself and vote for Queen Hillary! We aren't even going to give you an inch or give those millennial voters what they want." This is all the shit i've heard and it pisses me off, And no doubt lots of people are pissed that they are being called Racist, Misogynist and shit...When it's not even true. They fucked themselves and seeing their "safe spaces" crumble is a joy to behold...I was never so happy and laughing my ass off the night of Trump's Election, The salt was real and the following morning made me see the bright side of life again!
    So basically Hillary, The DNC and the Media can only blame themselves for their defeat...OF COURSE it'll be everyone else's fault and never learn their lesson :)
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