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    1. Battlerarity

      Eep! :mlp-rshock:

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    2. Mariposa

      Glamourous horsey.~ How have you been lately?

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    3. Battlerarity

      Alright I suppose, enjoying my summer break by keeping busy.

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  1. Battlerarity

    My first clopfic is up and approved! Be sure to give it a read~



  2. Battlerarity

    HK. No Compromise. You WILL go broke for our guns.

  3. Battlerarity

    Dragon Age is finally done! Now I can stop obsessively playing it like I have the past few weeks, and focus on...anything else!


  4. Battlerarity

    Check out the new writing workshop thread. All writers, editors, and small horses welcome!

  5. Battlerarity

    Check our Dusk's space CYOA thread, open to everypony! Solve crimes, get paid, be a bat, what more could you ask for?

  6. Azarokkusu » Battlerarity

    More like SnuggleRarity

  7. Battlerarity

    When I'm done with this short story, I will be free from collegeland for now!

  8. Battlerarity

    It is done! I have ascended from foalhood and am now a full-fledged young horse! Guess the cutoff point is 200 content count. Does that mean eventually I'll be an...old horse? :mlp-rshock:

  9. Battlerarity

    Someday I will graduate from being a foal and into the title of a real pony. Someday. If only I knew when!

  10. Battlerarity

    Check out the new Nightmare Night Open RP, celebrate the season of spooks with colorful horses!  http://mysmall.horse/NSFWforums/ips_fd149/index.php?/topic/454-a-nightmare-night-night-mare-open-rp/#comment-4052

  11. Underskor » Battlerarity

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You totally are old, the calendar said so. So Happy Birthday! May your day of birth be blessed with large bounties of cake and happy festivities.  

    1. Battlerarity

      *Does old horse things, like drive foals away from their lawn.*

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  12. Battlerarity

    Do you like reading? Share what book you're enjoying now or what you've just finished in the "What are you Reading?" thread in Canterlot Square!

  13. Battlerarity

    Have an interest in firearms? Got a range-toy you want to show off or trying to decide what deserves that open spot in your safe? Check out the firearms general thread and join in the discussion! 

  14. Battlerarity

    Try pushing yourself, the self-imposed limits of your creativity and effort. You may be surprised at what you can do!

  15. Battlerarity

    It's one of those weekends where I'm looking forward to Monday rolling around, can't wait to hit the range!

  16. Battlerarity

    Still looking for at least one more player for my next brief tabletop project that should hopefully start off next week! View the thread for details: