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  1. Battlerarity added a post in a topic Heya   

    Hello pony-fellow John, and welcome to the site! Hope you manage to find a new home on the internet, or just some place to hang out at!
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  2. Battlerarity added a post in a topic S7 E6 Forever FIlly   

    I believe she travels between all three of her stores often, especially during the busy fashion seasons, and might be away from home for weeks at a time. Sweetie Belle is growin' up! I was almost expecting that they'd actually age her up a bit, even make her into an adolescent, the first of the CMC to get older like that. I mean, they've proven more than once that they're willing to advance the CMC like that, when they gave them their marks, finally.
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  3. Battlerarity added a post in a topic S7E1&2 - Celestial Advice & All Bottled Up   

    How was it over the top? It was kinda low-key compared to every other open series of episodes, just slices of life. No plot to destroy Equestria. No monster to fight, no crystal kingdom popping out from the frozen waste. If most of the season is just good slice-of-life episodes full of character development, adorable scenes, and fine humor, I'd be super-happy!
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  4. Battlerarity added a post in a topic S7 E3 A Flurry of Emotions   

    I like the fanon for Flurry more than the character herself, though I still get laughs by refering to her as some sort of satan-spawn magical abomination-child like that in The Omen or something. The guard stallion running the art gallery was hilarious, and continues the tradition of most guards being adorable, mostly-useless dorks.
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  5. Battlerarity added a post in a topic S7 E4 Rock Solid Friendship   

    Pinkie was annoying in this episode, but that was kind of the point, since she was the antagonist. Maud was priceless, and her friendship with Starlight feels real, natural, and organic. They have a wonderful dynamic, and this episode made Maud from being an entertaining member of the Pie family to me, to one one of my favorite side-characters in the whole show. She...rocks.

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  6. Battlerarity added a post in a topic S7E1&2 - Celestial Advice & All Bottled Up   

    I'm perfectly alright with this. Slices of life are tasty!
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  7. Battlerarity added a post in a topic S7E1&2 - Celestial Advice & All Bottled Up   

    They were less epic that the previous openers, but genuinely fun slices of life that showcased some quite amusing character interplay, development, and some funny lampshading of the series' own tropes of song/dance/friendship/teamwork fixing everything. Also, teacups.
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  8. Battlerarity added a post in a topic Good Evening!   

    It's been awhile since the old introductions forum section got some proper use! Welcome to the site Ambient, hope you have some fun and enjoy your stay!
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  9. Battlerarity added a post in a topic Hello MSH   

    Hiya familiar horse, and welcome!
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  10. Battlerarity added a post in a topic Give your OC, a Jojo Stand! Share with us your Creations!   

    First stand that came to mind late one night (and perhaps part of what inspired this thread) is one for the prissy, privileged, and power-playing unicorn mare, Diamond Dust (whose name alone could be a stand!

    Her stand name is, fittingly enough, Barbie Girl, based on the song of the same name and her spoiled upbringing.
    Power: 5 (C)

    Speed: 5 (C)

    Durability:3 (D)

    Precision: 5 (C)

    Range: 15 (A)

    Potential:  10 (B)

    Technique: 15 (Three techniques)
    Appearance: Barbie Girl is a white-furred unicorn fashion doll, standing at roughly a foot in height, with flowing blonde hair and blue eyes. The doll wears a frilly pink dress, a diamond tiara, a jade ring, a ruby necklace, and glass high-heels. These are the articles of the stand, which vanish from the doll when worn by somepony else. As a stand, Barbie Girl is quite utilitarian, and despite Diamond's self-serving nature, hints that deep down, she knows that to accomplish her goals, she needs the aid of other people.

    Non-Stand users can wear these articles, and they will see them while doing so (thus allowing them to temporarily see Stands and their powers). If the person wearing any of these items is defeated, the item they were wearing is exhausted for the scene. The abilities are as follows:

    Shield Maiden Tiara: When worn, the Tiara conjures a mystical shield that blocks incoming attacks for the wearer; however, the wearer must see the attack coming, and it can only block an attack from a single direction in a turn. The shield can be broken with particularly powerful attacks, granting some measure of damage reduction in that event, but exhausting the stand for the scene.

    Ring of the Nemesis: When worn by another person, the ring broadcasts the surface thoughts of that person to Diamond Dust's head, at the chance of making said person revile Diamond Dust after the ring leaves their finger for as long as they wore it. Even if this person doesn't know Dust, they will hate her for that time, and on sight they will act as best they can to undermine her. When worn, the ring can take the appearance of any jewelry, to blend in with the person's daily routine. If Diamond herself wears the ring, she can potentially drive anypony within range of her into the Enraged status, though that exhausts the ring for the scene.

    Firebrand Necklace: Barbie Girl has no attacks of her own, unless she's wearing the Firebrand necklace, which allows her to conjure up various accessories as implements to attack for the wearer. These attacks aren't incredibly powerful (being C-Rank) but they can have long range, such as her pink sports car or various sporting equipment. If worn by another person, they conjure up the same slew of items for defense, but that leaves Diamond herself without an attack. Firebrand stops working of Diamond herself is defeated.

    Royal Glass Slippers: When worn, these slippers enable to wearer to move at their full speed regardless of any environmental factors that slow them down (such as debris in a road, rough terrain, frozen feet, or slippery substances), and allows them to dash across water like a skipping stone (though if they stop moving, they will start to sink). The slippers are fragile, however, and will break after three minutes of wear, exhausting the stand for the scene.

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  11. Battlerarity added a post in a topic Early show Bible Leak   

    That's a real interesting find! I'll have to look through those files, see what neat sights or useful references I can dig up.
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  12. Battlerarity added a post in a topic So, What are you Drinking?   

    It's finally December, so it's the time to treat ourselves! I'm getting back into whiskey with an old favorite of mine, Ezra Brooks. It's 90 Proof, so this whiskey is rather strong in flavor, thus only a little is required to spice up whatever it ends up mixed with. Should be a fine companion for the season!

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  13. Battlerarity added a post in a topic Firearms General V2   

    Out with the old, in with the...well, improved but still kinda old! I traded off my Walther PPQ M2 Navy for the upgraded version of a favorite pistol of mine, the Springfield XD9 Mod 2 Tactical! Can't wait to take this baby to the range!

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  14. Battlerarity added a post in a topic Describe your OC using only Personality Traits!   

    Sounds fun, so I'll do my "main" OC first, Spur Bevel. "Grumphorse" herself!
    Spur is a 17-year-old (or up to her very early 20s, in some RP universes) pegasus pony. I'll do five positive, and five negative traits she has.

    Positive: Pragmatic, Dauntless, Resourceful, Independent, Self-Reliant.
    Negative: Impulsive, Distrusting, Evasive, Snide, Standoffish.
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