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  1. Underskor added a topic in World News   

    PETA's Sexy ad banned from Superbowl
    So the controversial group PETA (Known for many things negative and positive) was due to release an ad for the Superbowl last Sunday. But was banned from releasing it due to its very mature nature! Lets just say. 
    Yep, sex. The ad was very explicit and is the last thing that people would want to see with their kids while watching football. 
    Here is the ad that PETA made.
    !!!Warning, serious biased propaganda against eating meat, and Lewd!!!  
    This ad...Did not make it to the television. 
    In my personal views, it was the most idiotic ad I have ever seen! PETA did not gather all the information they needed to back their argument for this ad. There are many factors for not lasting longer/lasting longer in bed, such as: 
    Not lasting longer: 
    Erectile Dysfunction
    Premature Ejaculation 
    Hyper sensitivity
    Mental Illnesses 
    Lasting Longer:                                                                    >Also STD'S can play a role>
    General Libido
    Retrograde Ejaculation
    Mental Illnesses 
    (In my case, lack of enjoyment in penetrating someone during sex, I can last up to an average of 2-3 hours.)
    And the lists go on. 
    But PETA did not have all the facts and told us what they wanted us to hear. Much like typical media now days. But why did this ad fail? The factor that it was mature in nature, and lacked all information about intercourse. 
    But what did I notice? I noticed that everything went south for the meat eater, he died in the end by a AC, by an random occurrence. Not related to the intercourse or eating of meat at all. They showed cause and effect in the video. So in retrospect...Eat meat and Air Conditioners can and WILL kill you. Remember that Jerky you ate before coming home from work? Yep, you are fucked. The AC unit is coming for YOUR ass. You ate the beef, and now you get rekt by a Tumblr animal rights keyboard justice warrior air conditioner. 

    Watch your back...
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  2. Underskor added a post in a topic Hello there!   

    Welcome to MSH! I am sure you are going to have a fantastic time here! If you ever want to say hi, feel free to drop me a message! 

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  3. Underskor added a post in a topic Confessions Thread   

    I like the color palette, but the meaning behind them...Is just awful. But they are still edgy due to the past. I'd be careful with that. 
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  4. Underskor added a post in a topic Confessions Thread   

    I heard a rumor...Some people dont. Women should, it saves money on toilet paper for them! 
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  5. Underskor added a topic in Canterlot Square   

    Confessions Thread
    Forgive me father for I have sinned... 
    This is the confession thread, have a secret or a confession or just a SUPER weird fact about you?
    This is a simple empty your closet of skeletons. 
    I will start.
    I pee in the shower...
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  6. Underskor added a post in a topic Music Legend David Bowie Dies at 69   

    I am so happy to see someone else posted this, I was about too... David's music and movies were the top theme of my actual childhood. I remember watching the Labyrinth and thinking he was such a bad ass! I had a crush on him in that movie, his hair was flawless! It wasn't hair, it was a powerful mane like that of a lion's. And his song Space Oddity was pretty much the theme to every space launch ever!!!
    Rest in peace Goblin King. May you continue to inspire millions and warm the hearts of billions.

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  7. Underskor added a post in a topic Underskor's Apology   

    Yeah good point, she was just asking for it walking around with those glasses on and not paying attention to a game I am sure they paid over $60 to see! 
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  8. Underskor added a post in a topic Underskor's Apology   

    Who you calling a basketball??? 
    And that statement is clearly wrong! 
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  9. Underskor added a post in a topic Underskor's Apology   

    Thank you Chaotic! My mother told me something like that but dirty too! "Having a opinion is a lot like having a penis, waving it around and showing it off is fun. Just don't shove it down people's throats!"
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  10. Underskor added a post in a topic Underskor's Apology   

    Thank you so much Nox, I am so happy to actually be back.
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  11. Underskor added a post in a topic Duskbat's Anime Recommendation and Dicussion Thread   

    Oh I am surprised I didn't see one of the best animes on here! FLCL!!! 

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  12. Underskor added a topic in Canterlot Square   

    Underskor's Apology
    When I was in the military I was told to "Lead by Example" and my example today was that of Twilight Sparkle. Who apologized to many users on the site, myself included. Which had me truly moved and opened my eyes to see how much it can change by simply saying sorry to the ones you have hurt. So I thought I would explain the events that have lead up to today to add a proper frame of reference. 
    A few weeks back there was a situation when I was a mediator of chat. I said that I wanted to see the new Star Wars movie and Twilight Sparkle came in and said "Who gives a fuck about Star Wars." I handled this with much offense, having a personal tie with the series myself, I took it personal. I said to Twilight "That was rude" and Twilight came back with "You're rude." then I saw that as a insult. So I kicked Twilight as a warning. Then when Twilight came back I told her to stop, but it continued. We were both in the wrong. I banned her from chat and hopped that Thesmallesthorse could look over the situation. Twilight went to TSH about this, and in result I lost my mediator status and Twilight was back in the chat. I was of course, pissed off. I was indeed angry with how TSH dealt with the situation as well as how I handled it. I had days of reflection and saw that yes, I was wrong too. I messaged Twilight may apologies and constantly waited for feed back. And in chat she wouldn't reply to me either, so every time she chatted at all I would follow it with the emote  as the show put it: You're going to love me. Pictures speak louder than words. But perception could say it was Fluttershy being angry and aggressive. The situation eventually got escalated again later on and was dropped when I explained that I wanted Twilight's forgiveness, and I wanted to be her friend. My bad with the emote, I should have seen how it could be interpreted. TSH broke up the situation and it calmed down.
    Now to more recent times. Before New Years Eve, I was relaxing and watching chat and participating in it as well, I walked away a few times to get food. And came back to see that TSH and Doug had something going on. (I admit, I just jumped in on the conversation...No frame of reference at all. Out of my element.) I saw TSH as mean that night, I didn't agree with how he handled it and his usage of words in it all. But I stepped in and commented  "Wow..." and it dragged me in. I was yes stunned, but my input was not necessary. But I went off on how TSH handled it all and went on how to say he abuses members of the chat and staff alike. Then I was kicked, banned from chat, then banned from the site. Again, furious, but couldn't do a thing. I was thinking of ways I could get revenge! I wanted people to pay for what happened. But...I did nothing, I had plans but I promised a pony here that I would not act on them. Rainbow Dash made me promise not to do anything. I promised...So I sat and waited for my banning to be done. Then came back on, on the 6th to see I was still banned from chat. At that point, I had no love for the site. But seeing all the people in chat, the people I missed talking to, made me sad, I love the chat and wanted to come into it with all my heart.
    So now for me to use what I learned from Twilight today. 
    I admit, in the conflicts I have engaged in my time on this site, that there were no right parties. In a way we were all wrong. I was wrong, very wrong. I should have handled things much better. I should have kept my cool and looked at things in different perspectives. I failed to do what I promised in the beginning when I became a mediator, do my job and without bias. I now see how wrong I was, how poorly I handled the situations and represented the community here on Mysmall.horse. 
    So to all the people I have hurt, or proved unjust to. I am sorry... And more specifically, I am sorry to Thesmallesthorse, Twilight Sparkle, and all the chat. The scene was horrible and was not what the chat was supposed to be, they didn't deserve to see these situations pan out. We broke the chat that day when we fought, all positive things that could have been said in the time of conflict didn't happen. 
    So, I am sorry TSH and Twilight. I am sorry to all of Mysmall.horse and it's chat. 
    And thank you to all of you as well. For being one hell of a community/family to me. And thank you Twilight, for giving me the example I should lead by. Like the pony in the show, you taught me a lesson.  
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  13. Underskor added a post in a topic An Apology   

    I.. This actually means a lot to me. Your apology is accepted and I am really moved by this post. Thank you.. I really want to be your friend as well.
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  14. Underskor added a topic in World News   

    Australia University Sex Toy Design Course!
    <Alright I found this story rather awesome. Mostly cause I know a few naughty Aussies here on this site.> 
    So the sales of sex toys in Australia has been estimated to have peaked over 1 million sold! And there is no sign of these wonderful toys going out of style anytime soon! But lately there is an issue that quality has been rather less than quantity, so the demand for pristine personal toys is up! SO RMIT University in Melbourne Australia has opened up registration for a sex toy design course! And so the Future Sex Studio has been founded by two wonderful women named Dr.Judith Glover and Victoria Cullen. Glover was quoted saying:
    "We basically gave students free rein to make what they wanted; in this studio they had the chance to really design something quite innovative," 
    So for all our Aussie members and friends out there, please take this course and keep all us in mind. Also...add me to your mailing list please! And maybe your wonderful minds can craft something that might even make those guys over at Bad Dragon flinch! 

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  15. Underskor added a post in a topic Halfmoon's Introduction thingy   

    That is such a cute bat pony!
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