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  1. CyanComrade added a topic in Canterlot Square   

    Share your face 2.0
    With all this fresh meat joining the Site and the old thread being archived I´m reopening this Topic. Show your beautiful faces <3

    Link to old Thread: http://mysmall.horse/NSFWforums/ips_fd149/index.php?/topic/415-share-your-face/
    Imme Repost mine to start it off.

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  2. CyanComrade added a topic in >Horse related news   

    FO:EQ Public Pre-Alpha build released
    The over mare Studios released the Public Pre-Alpha build/demo.
    Have fun, and write what you think about it.
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  3. CyanComrade added a post in a topic Share your face!   

    Yee, guess I´ll help to rekickstart it then :3
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  4. CyanComrade added a topic in World News   

    Denver Broncos win 50th Superbowl with 24:10
    In addition, Football legend Peyton Manning retires after his win with the Broncos, making this his 2nd Superbowl win and a NFL record 200th overall win.

    Source, although i watched it live: http://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2016/2/7/10926738/super-bowl-live-updates-news-panthers-broncos
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  5. CyanComrade added a post in a topic Use of Downvote/Upvote   

    So far we´ve just established what already was the rule, people downvoted when it was something that deserved it in their opinion, not just for an opinion or anything. 

    An upvote only system would maybe bring in more posts, but i thought about it and it could backfire by simply now having even less of a feedback. 
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  6. CyanComrade added a post in a topic Use of Downvote/Upvote   

    `aight, well it seems the conensus is going towards no dislike anyway. 

    In the end it maybe really will increase debate and post amount, I join the others on getting rid of the minus reputation button. 
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  7. CyanComrade added a post in a topic Use of Downvote/Upvote   

    Mmhm. If not limited by the forum code a system could be made that makes downvotes available but forces you to put in a reason, this way it can be used an an incentive to voice ones opinion in a thread, and should automatically give it more of an tool to show actual displeasure except simply not agreeing with an opinion. 

    How would that sound?
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  8. CyanComrade added a post in a topic Use of Downvote/Upvote   

    Then again, everybody i ever knew wants a dislike button on facebook. 

    The ability to show that youre displeased with a show, or don´t agree with an opinion in a thread is important IMO. and gives more incentive to actually think before writing, and it produces less one liners saying "I am against that". 

    Wonder what other systems people come up with, I just think it would simplefy things too much :3

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  9. CyanComrade added a post in a topic The Pony Triforce of Identity   

    Waifu would be Rainbow. I don´t know why but she got a good mix of things that make me adore her and I think she would be awesome in that role. 

    Self-aspect is nobody, I didn´t find any pone that really summarizes my character enough to make me think it warrants this spot. 

    Spirit-Aspect would definitely by Spitfire. Her confidence, loyalty, superiority and leadership while staying humble and duty oriented (outside of the academy) aswell as her humor and showings off sweetness make me strive to be like her. 
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  10. CyanComrade added a post in a topic Regarding moderation.   

    I know, but I really do agree. 

    Rationality is prior to having to enforce the Rules, I just wanted to voice my opinion on the matter and be sure that this point is made clear, I just want backup plans to be existant in case there are situations in which there has to be taken authority by the moderation, this authority will not be able to sustain itself on rationality anymore because at this point it´s already a fight between two sides, which can only be solved by clear rules to lean on. 

    I hope my hazed mind worded that right and everything, and you got the point ;3
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  11. CyanComrade added a post in a topic Proposing Rule: No Racism, Sexism or other Discrimination within Chat   

    The line should be drawn at personnal attacks. 

    I´m often not happy with things said or done, yet I realize its the konsensus that its just accepted, and not the others but I`M the problem in this situation. 

    You can never make it perfect for everybody.

    (of course simple logic like not race bashing, being a general bigot and simply acting like a total and utter cunt are still to be kept in mind)
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  12. CyanComrade added a post in a topic Regarding moderation.   

    I am agreeing with you. 

    I just wanted to make sure that its clear that the ideal of people solving their problems by themselves is not the status quo of the main way of thinking on the moderations side. 

    If former fails, then there needs to be an defined ruleset which needs to be enforced.

    Again, not diagreeing with you, simply voicing my opinion as yu asked :3
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  13. CyanComrade added a post in a topic Proposing Rule: No large RPs in main chat.   

    I´m not asking for strict rules, I´m asking for strict execution, which you misunderstood. 

    Of course theres different opinions and believes, but one doesn´t have to think far to realize that having pillars to lean on is helpfull. Every organized nation has them, and every social group has them. And the entire point of this tread is the question if another pillar should be added. 

    The moment situations are not contained and slip away from rationality, is the moment Mods should intervene. But when they intervene, they should be precise and without any doubt, and be able to lean on the established rules.
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  14. CyanComrade added a post in a topic Proposing Rule: No large RPs in main chat.   

    I know I am, Mods have to enforce the rules, if someone breaks them, they intervene, no exceptions. 

    It´s not an easy concept to get behind of, I agree, but its a simple and very effective concept which relies mainly on the mental maturity and intelligence of the collective as a whole. 

    In case you didn´t process it so far, I´m giving the chat more freedom by saying what i said, but I´m making sure this freedom will not be abused. If A mod doesn not handle objectively then the enitre system is shit, and the only way to handle objectively here is by rules. 
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  15. CyanComrade added a post in a topic Regarding moderation.   

    Your post implies utopic social behaviour in this group, which will never happen. A Mod will keep things contained and will make sure that things don´t get ut of bounds. 

    If a person is unable to mentally process a situation and is disruptive or even agressive, then a mod Will clear it up. Of course people can just be like, "hey, lets bring this to PM", but seriously, this will NEVER be the case for 100 % of the conficts, and this gap here is filled by the mods. 
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