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  1. Broniepheus added a post in a topic S7 E6 Forever FIlly   

    Makes sense. I just dont recall them ever establishing that. I think they will probably age the CMC all at once between seasons, maybe by sending them on a quest and having them return aged. 
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  2. Broniepheus added a topic in Show Discussion   

    S7 E6 Forever FIlly
    Needs more Applejack
    There were a few less than desirable moments early on but I guess that was the writers balancing the story they wanted to tell with the target audience. 
    I wont lie, it took work to avoid crying. Growing up and accepting change has never been something Im ok with and there were a lot of really personal parallels here. 
    So is Rarity living in Canterlot full time nor or just spending extended time there to help with the season change? that confused me
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  3. Broniepheus added a post in a topic S7 E4 Rock Solid Friendship   

    A rock pun? 

    Thats a paddlin. Bend over.
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  4. Broniepheus added a post in a topic S7E1&2 - Celestial Advice & All Bottled Up   

    Ye, Discord was over the top. Im not saying it wasnt believable or totally in character for him but the quality of the episode could have used a less intense Discord. 
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  5. Broniepheus added a topic in Show Discussion   

    S7 E4 Rock Solid Friendship
    >Insert Malphite joke
    Needs more Applejack
    Just a little too much Pinkie. Not a ton, her annoying self was needed for the episode to work but they overdid it a bit (cutting her volume back a bit would have helped a lot, screentime wasnt an issue). I am personally insulted that they had her say "you" instead of "derpy". Seriously, we established that Pinkie knows everyone in Ponyville in THE FIRST EPISODE and there is no reason Pinkie wouldnt call her by her name. I know they backpedaled for the SJW's the one time they actually did use her name but I am still salty about that. 
    Maud and SG have a great dynamic and I hope to see more of them together in the future. They did need more screentime for bonding, IDK maybe cut out the graduation scene. 
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  6. Broniepheus added a topic in Show Discussion   

    S7 E3 A Flurry of Emotions
    I... still dont like flurry heart... 
    The episode was pretty nice though, I liked seeing development of the family structure and we always need more Cheerilee. They could have spent less time setting up and playing out all the errands and spent that time on Cadence and Shining Armor so their roles could be less awkward. Although I generally think the less time Flurry spends on screen the better, I will admit that there were a couple cute moments. 
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  7. Broniepheus added a post in a topic S7E1&2 - Celestial Advice & All Bottled Up   

    Needs more Applejack and discord was a bit over the top (inb4 duh) but I really liked them. It seems like the writers are getting more confident and plan on sticking around for the long haul now that they are successful even after the bronies that were just part of the fad have moved on. 
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  8. Broniepheus added a post in a topic Good Evening!   

    Yall should post your stories in the writing section. Welcome to MSH
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  9. Broniepheus added a post in a topic Headcanons on the nature of magic and Changelings   

    I like the "all races use magic" line of thinking. So like, if a unicorn tried to use magic to make a cloud start raining, it would just ignore them. And if a pegasus put seeds in the ground and watered them, nothing would happen at all. 

    It would be interesting to know if any potted plants can be seen in non earth pony residences in the show. I havnt found any yet but there might be some.
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  10. Broniepheus added a post in a topic Trump is president elect   

    Feels sooo good. Last winter I was telling everyone I knew that Sanders would be a fair match for Trump but Hillary could never take him in a fair election. Similarly Cruz could stand a chance against Sanders but would have been destroyed by Hillary. The democrats zigged when they should have zagged and it may have cost the party its future. 
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  11. Broniepheus added a topic in Show Discussion   

    Season 6 episode 15 "28 Pranks Later"
    Another good episode? I liked it...
    As an episode of MLP there was nothing out of the ordinary but compared to what I expected from MLP before I started watching all those years ago it was pretty legit. Not every filler episode is going to be one that makes me squee and I am ok with this. All this catchup they are doing with RD in the "become a decent person and developed character" department makes me think she is going to be important in the near future. Anyone notice anything spectacular? 
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  12. Broniepheus added a topic in Show Discussion   

    Season 6 episode 14 "Stranger Than Fanfiction"
    Oh boy... Rainbow dash finally got a good episode. 
    The cosplay, the fanfiction, the love pillows, the nerdgasms, the convention scene, the guest actor, the minimized cringieness, the action, the implied budding romantic relationship (boy do I hope something comes of that), I could go on...
    Far and away, this is the best RD episode I have ever seen. I dont think my words are capable of doing justice to this episode. It was just downright fun to watch. Quibble could have realized things were real after a couple less crazy events but otherwise I dont think they could have done this episode any better. Its about time that RD got a solo episode on par with those of Rara and AJ, she might just overtake flutters on my list of favorites if they keep this up. 
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  13. Broniepheus added a post in a topic Princess Wars! Vote for a Princess!   

    I march under the banner of a Solar Empire, 
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  14. Broniepheus added a post in a topic S6E10 - Applejack's "Day" Off [SPOILERS]   

    aside from being another solid whimsical episode, what I really noticed was the use of new walking animations and camera angles. It was very interesting visually and very satisfying to watch. They didnt draw out confusions or explanations to the point of browbeating and the episode focused on the three best ponies so I am happy with this one. 
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  15. Broniepheus added a post in a topic Yet another bathorse   

    Welcome! this is a great place to be! I also must say that your namesake is one of my personal favorite songs of all time. 
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