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  1. Broniepheus added a post in a topic Good Evening!   

    Yall should post your stories in the writing section. Welcome to MSH
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  2. Broniepheus added a post in a topic Headcanons on the nature of magic and Changelings   

    I like the "all races use magic" line of thinking. So like, if a unicorn tried to use magic to make a cloud start raining, it would just ignore them. And if a pegasus put seeds in the ground and watered them, nothing would happen at all. 

    It would be interesting to know if any potted plants can be seen in non earth pony residences in the show. I havnt found any yet but there might be some.
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  3. Broniepheus added a post in a topic Trump is president elect   

    Feels sooo good. Last winter I was telling everyone I knew that Sanders would be a fair match for Trump but Hillary could never take him in a fair election. Similarly Cruz could stand a chance against Sanders but would have been destroyed by Hillary. The democrats zigged when they should have zagged and it may have cost the party its future. 
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  4. Broniepheus added a topic in Show Discussion   

    Season 6 episode 15 "28 Pranks Later"
    Another good episode? I liked it...
    As an episode of MLP there was nothing out of the ordinary but compared to what I expected from MLP before I started watching all those years ago it was pretty legit. Not every filler episode is going to be one that makes me squee and I am ok with this. All this catchup they are doing with RD in the "become a decent person and developed character" department makes me think she is going to be important in the near future. Anyone notice anything spectacular? 
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  5. Broniepheus added a topic in Show Discussion   

    Season 6 episode 14 "Stranger Than Fanfiction"
    Oh boy... Rainbow dash finally got a good episode. 
    The cosplay, the fanfiction, the love pillows, the nerdgasms, the convention scene, the guest actor, the minimized cringieness, the action, the implied budding romantic relationship (boy do I hope something comes of that), I could go on...
    Far and away, this is the best RD episode I have ever seen. I dont think my words are capable of doing justice to this episode. It was just downright fun to watch. Quibble could have realized things were real after a couple less crazy events but otherwise I dont think they could have done this episode any better. Its about time that RD got a solo episode on par with those of Rara and AJ, she might just overtake flutters on my list of favorites if they keep this up. 
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  6. Broniepheus added a post in a topic Princess Wars! Vote for a Princess!   

    I march under the banner of a Solar Empire, 
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  7. Broniepheus added a post in a topic S6E10 - Applejack's "Day" Off [SPOILERS]   

    aside from being another solid whimsical episode, what I really noticed was the use of new walking animations and camera angles. It was very interesting visually and very satisfying to watch. They didnt draw out confusions or explanations to the point of browbeating and the episode focused on the three best ponies so I am happy with this one. 
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  8. Broniepheus added a post in a topic Yet another bathorse   

    Welcome! this is a great place to be! I also must say that your namesake is one of my personal favorite songs of all time. 
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  9. Broniepheus added a post in a topic Season 6 Episode 7 "Newbie Dash" [spoilers]   

    I have no issue with the negative sounding nicknames (I was known as "dildo" starting sophomore year in high school). I just think they dropped the ball on delivering even the messages that they did try to deliver. 
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  10. Broniepheus added a post in a topic S6E8 "A Hearth's Warming Tale" [SPOILERS]   

    I would put this episode in my top 10 for sure. The Christmas aesthetic was perfectly captured and it really made me feel like it was the season. Ghost Applejack was super cute 10/10. 
    I absolutely adored the "slice of life" nature of the episode outside of the story. Now that Starlight is part of the crew we need some of that to establish what her position is going to be. 
    Spike leaving for coco at the commercial break? 2 gud
    A while ago I was chatting with some people that complained that the show "Lucky Star" is boring because hardly anything happens and I couldn't express why that actually appealed to me but this episode definitely hit the same note. 
    I enjoyed every minute of this one and I think I will make a tradition of watching it every year around Christmas time. 
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  11. Broniepheus added a topic in Show Discussion   

    Season 6 Episode 7 "Newbie Dash" [spoilers]
    I might have a new least favorite episode, I will have to rewatch "Owls well that ends well" to see. Unlike most episodes that feel rushed where they should have been an hour long, this one felt like they were killing time. 
    That bit where RD mimics her friends was really off to me. If they had shown that fatigue or a mental break had made her go loopy that might have been passable but she appeared to actually think that was a good idea for some reason and there was no benching or resolution to the fatigue before she went back to "normal" so I dont think we can chalk it up to her not thinking straight.
    The ending felt wasted. There was a ton of potential there for her to work up the courage to tell Spitfire that bullies used to call her "rainbow crash" when she was a filly and include a lesson about telling people when something really bothers you. Or they could have made it about taking control of something that used to hurt you emotionally by wearing it with pride but instead we got "Some groups of friends have rude but good natured nicknames for each other and accepting yours will help you fit in" Without any kind of resolution to the pain in her past caused by it which they could have easily included. 
    Was there a reason Starlight wasnt present? I get that we dont have a mane 7 now but this seems like an event she would have tagged along to unless she had something better to do but that was never explained. 
    I suppose you can read a good message about attitude and perspective into this episode but if it was intentional the delivery was a bit eh. 
    Did I miss something? I know a lot of people really dislike "Lesson Zero" because they dont read the same things into it that I do so I could just be missing something here.
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  12. Broniepheus added a post in a topic TV Show Recommendations!   

    Older: I suggest quantum leap over just about everything. Its about a test pilot who gets thrown across space and time to inhabit the lives of important individuals throughout history (some real most fictional). Their testing caused issues in the past and caused things that once went right to go wrong. It becomes his job to fix the issues and every time he has set things back on course he "leaps" again. There is an implied deity or higher power guiding things but they dont really come into play. 

    Newer: Person of interest is a show about a supercomputer that predicts violent crimes for the purpose of stopping terrorism. It can also see things like arson and murders but the federal government doesnt care about them so its creator programmed it to give him the SSN of someone involved but they have to find out along the way if the person is the victim or perpetrator. The later seasons lose a lot of the original episodic appeal and I expect a retcon next season. 
    Thundercats 2011 would have been HUGE but it was killed by MLP. I consider it my favorite TV show of all time and the story is like the ideal campaign from a DM's perspective. Amazing voice acting cast and animation. Unfortunately it came out at a time where all of the adults who thought it was okay to be into kids shows were going crazy over MLP so it kinda got forgotten. 
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  13. Broniepheus added a post in a topic Dream Thread!   

    I am sitting up in a tree in what looks like the African Savannah with a friend that's a literal bear. He climbs out on the branches and starts eating fruit hand over fist. The fruit is amber colored and translucent but looks absolutely delicious so I eat a few as well. There are other people around (cant remember who or what they were doing). Eventually I fall out of the tree and a giant whiskered lizard thing is waiting there for me on the ground and obviously hungry. I start wrestling it and eventually get on top of it and pin its head down my the whiskers (they were kinda fleshy and obviously sensitive) and I start calling for my friend to come help me with it but I have to wait for him to climb out of the tree. *dream time/space shift* I am sitting in the windowless meeting room at my schools library with the lights off but computer screens give enough light for us to function. There are a few other people around but I can tell they are friends, or at least people of a common interest. The gathering is somehow related to League or Sky because Sky Williams is there. I leave a comment on one of his bear-centric videos about my experience in the tree and he starts freaking out about someone who is friends with an actual bear. He does some weird computer magic to call the phone of whoever left the comment and is surprised to hear my phone ringing (I was pretty surprised to have a phone tbh, honestly should have realized it was a dream at that point). I get super excited because suddenly Sky cares who I am and wants to hang out with me *dream end* I later dreamed that I accidentally summoned a hunter from halo out of my xbox but it was covered in shadows like anti-form sora. Took care of it no problem tho.
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  14. Broniepheus added a post in a topic The Perfect Pinkie Pizza Pie   

    We are thinking way too basic here. Cheese sandwich makes cheese whiz, twinkie hot dogs so I think Pinkie can come up with something to at least contend with it in pizza form. Maybe thinly sliced apples, thick slabs of bacon (or haybacon if you believe they are herbivores) dusted with crushed cheetos and deep fried. 
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  15. Broniepheus added a post in a topic Dream Thread!   

    Last night I dreamed that I was Monkey D Luffy but also myself and still in college. I was trying to study for exams (and maybe look at smut, all I know is that I needed some peace and quiet with power and an internet connection) when I found an outbuilding on campus that appeared far older than my current campus facilities. As I walked in I learned that they had been taking measures to keep the place quiet by turning away any pairs of people that walked in as they had talked too much and too loudly previously. Upon entering I realize that they have it set up for an event thats happening later which will be a welcoming event for new students. I was surprised to see my own high school crest on the student planners they had spread out and I learned that the high school would now be including a year of college. Things start getting weird at this point as that starfish dude from One Piece starts freaking out because apparently some bad mofo is coming to tear things up but everyone is confident that I can deal with him. Then I wake up 
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