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  1. silviathepony added a post in a topic Paetron, Hacked.   

    Because this is a thead for patreon being hacked not taxes really D: i dunno, youre the boss here!
    i'll admit that my knowledge on taces is poor so, im not gonna comment on it heavily. I will say that an extra 10 on a payment of 50 is a 20% tax through
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  2. silviathepony added a post in a topic Paetron, Hacked.   

    yeah and burgerflippers in New York earn $15 per hour. but this isnt the time or place for that discussion D:
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  3. silviathepony added a post in a topic Paetron, Hacked.   

    Depending on where you are the in the world, theres a reason patreon holds the tax records :P
    Because patreon pays it for you. IIRC atryl once said that about 10% of his monthly pledge total ends up disapearing when he withdraws it for this purpose. In the EU at least with it's ridiculous tax law all pledges have your local country tax applies onto it which patreon gathers and submits to that countries revenues for such a thing as proof, this is it for the UK http://prntscr.com/8n2d2b and the artists won't ever see that tax money, goes straight to the tax man.
    these are all EU examples so might be different in America i dunno!
    the passwords are honestly the more worrying factor, along with the credit card info. one report i remember reading said that theres a chance this dump has the last 4 numbers of all the cards registered pre-2014? is that right? Read: https://medium.com/@N/how-i-lost-my-50-000-twitter-username-24eb09e026dd for why this is a problem for people. Passwords well you guys all know why there i hope, its talked about enough on the news D: D:
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  4. silviathepony added a post in a topic *buttshuffles in*   

    *sits on the floor and raises her hind legs, leaning forwards and dragging herself forwards with her front hooves*
    like that!
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  5. silviathepony added a post in a topic Well I suppose I'll say hello.   

    heya! welcome aboard!
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  6. silviathepony added a post in a topic Just a new bat pony don't mind me   

    Hi there! i really like your art style! Do you do commissions?
    EDIT: I am also a fello bat, Hello!

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  7. silviathepony added a post in a topic *buttshuffles in*   

    so the theme song is "Youre a Bat Now"?
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  8. silviathepony added a topic in Introductions   

    *buttshuffles in*
    signed up a while ago to use the chat and then forgot the url, but dusk reminded me of it so i thought i'd log back in and try and visit this place more!
    nice to meet you all~
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