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  1. thesmallesthorse added a post in a topic S7E1&2 - Celestial Advice & All Bottled Up   

    I really felt like Celestia was straight up tyrantlestia in the first episode.
    But! I really hope that this opener is a sign of things to come in the season. If the entire season is just all of this, I really think that it'll be grouped up with S1 and 2 in terms of adoration. It's exactly what we need.
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  2. thesmallesthorse added a post in a topic Describe your OC using only Personality Traits!   

    I'll do my main OC for now, this seems fun so I will likely post my others later. While I was looking for the right words I realized what an asshole he is.

    Positive: Active, Adaptable, Clever, Clean, Dedicated, Decisive, disciplined*, dramatic, forgiving*, Healthy, Heroic*, Genuine*, Idealistic**, Independent, intuitive, Serious, Sensitive, Well-bred, Youthful.
    Neutral: Aggressive, Complex, Cute, Deceptive**, Preoccupied, Proud, Predictable, Uninhibited, Unreligious**
    Negative: Abrasive, Abrupt, Aloof, Arrogant, Asocial, Angry, Blunt, Cold, Crafty, Cruel, Cynical*, Deceitful**,  Dogmatic, Extreme, Fatalistic (internally),Fearful (internally), Grim (Internally), Gullible, Hateful**, Impulsive, Insecure, Insulting, Narcissistic (Internally), Oppressed, Power Hungry, Scornful, Tactless, VINDICTIVE, Willful
    *Not until the end of his character story in my fanfic
    **before the start of his character story in my fanfic
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  3. thesmallesthorse added a post in a topic Uhm. Hi?   

    A belated welcome from me to you, Crimson Rain! I hope you've liked MS.H for the time you've been here.
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  4. thesmallesthorse added a post in a topic Trying my luck here   

    Actually in terms of MSH accounts, Aveta's is older than dirt.
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  5. thesmallesthorse added a post in a topic Trying my luck here   

    I remember you from that other site.
    Welcome to MS.H! Hope you find what you're looking for here.
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  6. thesmallesthorse added a post in a topic Trump is president elect   

    She and Kimmie over in NK are the gods of pantsuits.
    They appear to both have wardrobe designers with similar views on style.
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  7. thesmallesthorse added a topic in News   

    Bombings going on in US on 9/17
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  8. thesmallesthorse added a post in a topic So, What are you Drinking?   

  9. thesmallesthorse added a comment on a gallery image 13900513-1088855274529228-17207607-n.jpg   

    Metronome has a lot of cat-like tendencies, which include purring, licking, and pouncing. This has led many scientists to believe that she is part-cat... but naw, she just really likes doing cat stuff... because it gives her an excuse to miss out on un-wanted work, and take naps instead.
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  10. thesmallesthorse added a post in a topic Filly's first intro thread   

    Hello again Diamond :3 Welcome to MSH.
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  11. thesmallesthorse added a post in a topic There's a doctor in the house   

    Hai, welcome to MS.H.
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  12. thesmallesthorse added a post in a topic Season 6 Episode 16 "the times are a changeling"   

    When did they turn into an inanimate object? All I saw was the changeling doing a mirror kind of thing, which was the same trick that Chrysalis used on Twilight at the end of S2 (So apparently that isn't just a Chrysalis thing, it's a changeling thing. they have some sort of power over reflections
    I'll agree the resolution was rushed but I've come to expect that in MLP. everything feels like a coverup x3
    I don't think we'll see anymore 'good and nice' changeling OCs than we already have, but we will know for a fact that they're ostracized and automatically a little edgier than a normal changeling. I think it was important worldbuilding to see Changelings are ALWAYS chaotic evil. even a GOOD changeling like Thorax had moments where he dipped into a primal need to feed off love, and he's one of the good guys.
    I felt the episode really had the question of "nature versus nurture." Although all the changelings are nurtured to be evil and ruthless, we might believe it is just the 'nature' of this one changeling to be good. That's not entirely true though, because as I said before he's prone to lapses where he shows that innate evil side. I'd like to point out that, and as a point to people who make 'good changeling OCs', changelings don't have to be good or evil. their morality simply isn't the same as ponies. they're basically aliens and do seem to see ponies as a source of food, and even the good ones can't help that.
    The only qualifier for saying Thorax is a 'good guy' is that he is like a remorseful vampire-- one that feels really bad about having to suck blood, so they starve themself (he mentioned he was starving several times, but then the *plothole* was just abandoned and not resolved at all). I think it's sort of hilarious that the most humanizing factor of this 'alien' character who is making friends with spike (who is himself an outsider to the ponies, even if they accept him as one of their own) is totally abandoned. I mean I guess Thorax was fitting in fine and that gave him some love, but that entire plot point is resolved without any dialogue and nothing more than him helping Spike's ego?
    I'm kind of upset about how they go about solving this, because if this was ACTUALLY a possible solution to the changeling's problems-- that is, just making friends and somehow feeding off the love in the air-- you'd think that at some point the changelings would have evolved from being ruthless barbarians and subterfuge expects to being at least somewhat diplomatic. I guess the fact they look absolutely horrifying ruined their charisma roll or something.
    I think the episode was nice, but it left a lot to be desired, and you kind of got my mind churning there. I think the word I'd use for all of it is 'rushed.' it was like "Okay MLP team, we need to put a changeling in this episode. let's just get this over with as fast as we can."
    my prediction is that the next episode-- which again, will revolve around spike (with discord included) will be a "Okay MLP team, we need to put Discord in this episode. Let's just get this over with as fast as we can."
    I guess you could say the whole thing felt like a HUSK. ...because husks hold things... and changelings seem to use names like that... ...
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  13. thesmallesthorse added a topic in Show Discussion   

    Season 6 Episode 16 "the times are a changeling"
    Or not! If you always thought Changelings hatched from eggs then congratulations! You're winner and your headcanon has survived the purge!
    I'd argue that a lot of people had their headcanons demolished today. Additionally, the show and comics have irreversibly confirmed that they happen in alternative universes if that wasn't already agreed upon.
    So things we learned:
    Changeling can talk-- they also hiss in horrifying ways
    Spike is an asshole
    Changelings hatch from eggs
    although we don't exactly have a lot of names to go off of, we have 'chrysalis' and 'thorax', changeling names seem to have something to do with 'holding' something off of the (two) instances we've seen a name, or perhaps they're just double meanings? Dunno, what do you guys think?
    Note: Changelings entire body above the legs and below the neck (You can see a sort of "Y" shape) is that their thorax? It's an odd name choice.
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  14. thesmallesthorse added a post in a topic I guess I should do the introduction thing!   

    heya! Welcome to MSh <3
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  15. thesmallesthorse added a post in a topic Hello   

    hey there! Always love having more artists with us <3
    Welcome to MSH, stop by the chat sometime and meet the horses :3
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